Mergers & Acquisitions

Consolidation of the healthcare market has been going on since many years. Oberender AG supports companies in the healthcare market in identifying opportunities and risks of their M&A-transactions. Both when buying and selling company shares, our experienced M&A-managers will be at our client’s disposal.

Our integrated approach is divided into three modules:

  • Creating a growth or consolidation strategy
  • Analyzing market and company data within the bounds of strategic due diligence and deriving a transaction concept
  • Post-merger integration

For our clients we analyze the key sources for future value creation and identify potential risks and weak points of a transaction. Our approach focuses on the analysis of health care processes and thus on market information and companies involved. While doing so, the many years of experiences of our colleagues gained in a lot of transaction processes are a great help to us.


In recent years, also in health care, buying and selling companies has become more and more a suitable instrument for implementing the respective company strategy. In the public perception, such transactions are often in the focus of criticism. It is therefore all the more important to have worked out a conclusive acquisition strategy. In recent years, the team of Oberender AG has been involved in a large number of such transactions.

Due Diligence

One of our core competences in transaction processes lies with analyzing the market and competitive potential. Based on a key figure analysis, we raise our client’s awareness to look more clearly into the future, thus providing help to better and more precisely assess the envisage value of a transaction. That way, the likelihood of a successful transaction is increased significantly.

Post-Merger Integration

Regardless of the increasing number of company mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare market, too little attention is often paid to the integration of merging companies. A lack of precision in terms of data analysis and rough design concepts lay the foundations for this. Lacking consistency and professionalism in project management aggravate the problem. Therefore the post-merger phase is the riskiest phase in the transaction process. Oberender AG supports the integration phase for instance by setting up and accompanying a project management office.

We would like to present to you our numerous reference projects in a personal meeting.