Clinic Strategy & Implementation

Oberender & Partner`s core business is the consultation of hospitals and other health care providers. Clients of this business area also include financial institutions and institutional investors at home and abroad in need of that analyses and studies on the German hospital industry or on other individual companies from the health sector.

The business area can be divided into four different areas:

  1. Future strategies
    • Analysis and further development of the corporate strategy of service providers
    • Preparation of strategic orientation and individual growth and business area strategies
    • Development of future strategies and performance structures for clinics with all levels of medical care
    • Concept of sustainable medical care structures with interlinking of outpatient and inpatient service sectors
  2. Redefinition of priorities
    • Restructuring of hospitals and selected specialist areas
    • Reorganization and optimization of the primary and tertiary sectors
    • Interim management
    • Creation of IDW expert opinions
  3. Spectrum of medical services
    • Analysis of the future viability of specialist medical fields
    • Preparation and development of department-specific medical concepts taking into account the external environment and the income and cost aspects
  4. Analyses and expert opinions
    • Creation of all necessary analyses, such as competition and market analyses and demand forecasts
    • Second opinion and assessment of developed concepts
    • Plausibility check of planning calculations for financial institutions, for instance