Business procurement

In times of growing deficits and greater challenges, professional hospital management becomes more and more important. With a view to general conditions becoming more and more difficult in terms of financing a high-quality medical infrastructure, it is clear that special experiences and competencies are expected from management. For example, this includes sure instincts when dealing with internal and external medical service providers as well as strength of implementation in daily business and strategic visions for sustainable provision of hospital care. One of the main roles of the executive board is the creation of transparency towards the supervisory board – this is all the more true in challenging hospital restructuring and stabilization processes.

Through its expertise and know-how Oberender AG can ideally support the management and restructuring of hospitals. Based on our long-term experience in business procurement for clinics, Oberender AG completely meets the necessary requirements.

Our work is focused on the following cornerstones:

  • The focus is on securing the medical supply at the clinic location.
  • Managing the facilities with a professional team and experienced hospital managers reduces the deficit risk. Noticeable effects can be achieved already within the first weeks.
  • By creating long-term perspectives for the health care situation in a certain region, not only the interests of patients and resident health care providers are represented, but also those of the employees.
  • In case of restructuring, one major focus of activities is to ensure short and medium-term liquidity within the first weeks after management takeover.
    The operator’s impact on all strategic decisions remains unchanged.

Oberender AG is a highly qualified, reliable and suitable partner with regard to hospital management. We are happy to personally present to you our approach and its accomplishments so far. Further information can also be obtained from the homepage: