Corporate social responsibility

Since many years, the EconoMedic AG and Oberender & Partner have been committed to social projects and particularly to organizations which are worthy of support.
Every year, in the time before Christmas, we donate an appropriate amount to non-profit organizations. In recent years, the following institutions, amongst others, benefitted from our support:

  •  Weiße Ring e.V. (registered society)
  •  The Hospizverein at Bayreuth
  •  The palliative ward of the hospital in Bayreuth
  •  Social Law and Health Economics Research Centre, University Bayreuth

As companies cooperating closely with universities, especially with the University of Bayreuth, educational issues are one of major concern. In the past, the EconoMedic AG and Oberender & Partner therefore also financially supported the University Library in Bayreuth.